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Decision making: Why Is It Important For Your Child To Learn This Skill

Do you know that decision making is the skill that can shape your child’s life in the future?

Whatever they decide to wear, eat, or go to the movies can be a lot to handle for Children. But even more important is the ability to make this decision when needed.

The importance of your child learning decision-making skills is essential in all aspects of life—in their relationship, businesses and choice making.

Let’s take a look at a child growing up not knowing what truly life holds for them, they go on for all that comes their way either good or bad because they can not make decisions for what they truly want, and as a parent, it is your responsibility to teach your child this skill.

Nowadays children are growing faster intellectually and emotionally—they know what’s going on within them—what they want, but making the decision to go for it is a skill that’s not taught to them.

So why is it important for your child to be taught this skill?

Know What Is Right From Wrong

A kid who knows how to make the right decision for him or herself will know what is right from wrong.

The sooner your child learns what is right from wrong, the better they make right decisions as they grow older that will make them a better person for the decision they have made. 

Some of the best decisions that they might have ever made were the ones that they had no idea were right or wrong until they made them, knowing the outcomes of such decisions.

Studies show that the child’s brain is still developing until the age of twenty-two. This means that a certain level of decision-making maturity is needed to make good decisions, which you can start if actually, your child isn’t up to that.

However, as parents, you are faced with so many decisions. How to choose a school, how to discipline your kids, how to raise them and so on. You try to make good decisions for them but sometimes you make bad ones, and how can you avoid such mistakes? 

Most children end up growing from regrets that their parents all make decisions for them, they are not able to go for what they want because of their parents and they hate themselves for that. 

So teaching your kids the right decision-making skills is a way of showing them what is right from wrong, even when you are no longer with them.

Understanding The Importance Of What They Doing

Will children understand the importance of what they are doing when you choose for them or when they decide to go for it themselves?

Well! Most parents don’t know this until today, by which thousands of parents will know.

Your child will understand what they are doing better If they did choose what they are doing then you chose for them.

For instance, let’s talk about youngsters who are willing to study law or willing to go for a choice of study, but their parents want them to be a Doctor. Maybe these children can’t be a Doctor but have all it takes for them to be a lawyer. 

Though, as a parent it’s your responsibility to make sure that your kids are making the right decisions, most parents force their kids because they believe that they are more enlightened about how the world works, forgetting the capacity of their kids to go for what they did choose for them.

Moreover, I’m not against parents guiding their kids through the right way but allowing your kids to decide for themselves is better than choosing for them, because they will understand the importance of what they are doing. 


Ask yourself this question, will helping your child to make decisions help them to be self-reliant?

I don’t think so. 

For a child to be self-reliant, they have to be good at decision making—they have to know what decision making is and how to choose the best ones when needed.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to guide them throughout the decision they made themselves rather than choosing for them. 

A child who doesn’t know what is good for him or her—a child who doesn’t know the importance of what they are doing can’t be self-reliant. They have to know what it entails in making the right decision for themselves rather than others choosing for them.

There are many more children who are now grown up but are still finding it hard to decide for themselves without consulting their parents. I’m not saying it’s bad to consult one’s parents when deciding because it’s one of the processes of making a critical decision that will change one’s life forever.

But it’s good to guide them to make the right decision from the wrong ones. 

Are you willing to learn how to teach your child the right decision-making skills? 

This is a practical guide on how you can teach your children to make a better decision.

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