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What is Executive Decision Making? Why is it Important?

Have you been hearing about executive decision makers but don’t know who they are or what executive decision is?

Alternatively, are you finding it hard to make a decision that would make your business more successful than that of your competitors?

Do you know that every business survives on how great the decisions are made for them?

The ability to make decisions is critical for success in the modern business world. However, the decision making process can be difficult, and the right approach is not always obvious. 

Read on to learn more about what executive decision making is, who executive decision makers are, how important executive decision making skills are, and how to perfect executive decision making.

What is Executive Decision Making? 

Executive decision making is a term that is used in the business world but is not well understood. 

Executive decision is another name for “decision by committee.” The term “decision by committee” is used to describe a situation where a team is composed of several individuals who are each assigned an important function (i.e., a decision) for the group.

It is also known as a decision made by an individual or a group of people who have executive power over their businesses, companies, or cooperatives, regardless of what other members think about it. It is a process used to achieve goals that are important to the organization’s mission, values, and goals.

Why is Executive Decision Making Important? 

The existence of an executive decision is critical in all companies, businesses, or collaborations.

When you are the CEO of a business, it is your job to make the right decisions. Once you have made a decision, it is important that you communicate this to everyone in the organization and not just to the people who have to implement it.

Here are the reasons why executive decisions are important.

1. Can Determine a Company’s Faiths

The decisions made by an executive can change the course of an organization, and can determine whether the company succeeds or fails. 

2. A good executive decision maker ensures that the business runs smoothly.

One of the reasons for the importance of executive decisions is that when such an approach is accepted in a company or business, a good executive will make such a business more profitable. The decisions made by such an individual or group of people will always be in the best interests of the company, business, or cooperation.

3. All decisions can’t be changed. 

When a decision is made by an executive or a body of groups with executive power, no other body or person has the power to change such decisions.

4. All decision power comes from only one source

Unlike any other business with multiple decision makers, a company that uses the approach of executive decision has all decisions coming from only one source, which holds the executive powers of the company.

Who Are the Executive Decision Makers? 

Executive decision makers are those who make critical decisions that affect the operations of a company. But who exactly are they?

They are the individuals who make decisions that have an impact on a company’s bottom line. To comprehend the impact that EDMs have on a company’s financial performance, it is necessary to first understand who they are and how they make their decisions.

Executive decision makers are the people in charge of making day-to-day decisions in businesses. They are at the heart of the organization and make decisions based on their unique skills and experiences.

just like the president and other government executive bodies. That is how executives make decisions.

They make the decision or choice, and their subordinates carry it out.

Tips on How to Perfect Executive Decision Making 

Earlier, I explained what an executive decision is; that is, a decision carried out by an individual or group of people with executive powers. 

A decision is an important part of every organization. But, this should not be so difficult that it becomes a burden on the organization. 

Are you a person with such power and don’t know how to make an effective decision? Do you want to know how to perfect your decision making?

Here are smart ways to help you increase your executive decision making skills.

Improve your thinking skills. 

Thinking fast and making quick decisions is one of the most essential skills every business owner needs to possess. Being a leader comes with many responsibilities, and one of them is making critical decisions.

Before making a decision, be aware of its objectives.

What goal do you want to achieve as the overall executive decision maker? 

All decisions made by you as an individual with executive powers will be carried out and implemented by your subordinates.

Knowing your decision’s goals is a quick step for you and your company.

For instance, at LifeGuideHacks, the CEO decided to add more services to the exciting services the company was offering. 

He listed the goals he was likely to achieve with such service, and set about working towards them.

As an individual with executive powers, the decisions you make will determine the success of the company or business, so whatever decision you try to make, make sure you outline the goals you want to achieve.


Organize a research team to bring you all the vital information needed. Note: too much information will end up confusing you, so it’s important to only work on information that is important to the growth of the company.

Work on Business Facts

Family decision making has more disadvantages than executive decision making. 

This is because the company that operates on family business decisions works on what they think and not the facts presented to them.

Most companies operating on business decisions make decisions on what they believe the person can do and not the facts presented to them by such a person.

As a person with executive powers, as much as it’s important to work with your instincts, it’s also important to work with the facts presented before you.

For executives, the decision-making process is key to the success of their business. But many executives lack the skills and knowledge to make good decisions. That’s where executive decision makers come in. They can help executives make better decisions based on their experience, expertise, and understanding of the subject area.

However, to increase your business decision making skills, there are many more factors to look into, which I have explained in my previous article on how to increase your business decision making skills.

Whether you are the CEO of your company or a stakeholder in charge of decision making, these skills are important for you to learn.

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