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How to Make The Best Decision In Life

Want to make a decision that will change your life for the better but don’t know what others will think of you? 

Are you that afraid to follow your path because you are scared for who you will be? 

Why not think of it this way? You want to make the best decision for yourself, one that will bring you fortune, happiness, and peace of mind, but circumstances and fears are preventing you from doing so.

How could you feel when you can’t get to be the person you have decided to be? 

Making the best decision in your life is just like sacrificing something for another, and any other things that will come after it will be out of the decision you have chosen the path to follow.

That’s why you have to learn how to make the best decision in life.

In this post, I will be explaining why decisions are important in your life, and how you can make the best decision in life for yourself.

What Is Decision And Why Does It Matter in Your Life?

The concept of decision is the ability to make a choice, which makes it different between an ordinary animal and a human being. To make a decision is just like choosing one of two or more courses of action by reaching a conclusion and making a choice.

How many decisions have you made today? Do you stand firm/true to your decisions as an individual?

I don’t think most individuals make decisions and later regret making such decisions. But how can you avoid that? How can you avoid making a decision you will regret later on in life?

That’s why the concept of decisions is important to know. Without knowing what a decision is and how to make a better decision that will give you a better life, you will keep making decisions unconsciously and later regret.

As a person wishing to have a better life, you have to know the decision you want to make and the process to follow when making such a decision.

How to Make The Best Decision In Life

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Thus, to make the best decision in life is all up to you as an individual, but in this post, I will explain and show you the best ways to make decisions for yourself.

Know Why You Want to Make Such Decision

Most individuals make decisions without knowing why they are making such a decision.

Are you part of those individuals that make decisions without knowing why they are making it? 

I guess not and if yes, you have to change your approach to making a decision.

There are different steps to start making a decision, but one of the most notable ways to make better decisions is to know why you are making such a decision.

But how can you know why you make the best decision?

Think Why –  the question why this, why that? Needs a clear and simple answer, and those answers can serve as your reasons. Thinking of why you want to make a decision will do more to help you bring out ideas and reasons why you are making such a decision.

Are you deciding to change your lifestyle, because you think or feel like your current lifestyle will do more bad than good to you? Do you want to quit your job because you have gotten a better one?  Whatever the reasons you think of when using this word “Why”, write them down.

Write down your reasons – there are different approaches to writing down your reasons; that is, why are you making such a decision which I’ve explained above. And if you have successfully written down your reasons, read them aloud.

I’m a type that feels lazy writing things down thinking I will be able to remember when needed but won’t.

You must write down your reasons why you need to make such a decision, these reasons will be a guide throughout your journey.

Knowing why you want to make a decision will be of greater help than those who make decisions without knowing why they make it.

Understand Your Instincts on Your Decision

Your gut can’t lie to you. Sometimes you have to understand your instinct and the information they are trying to pass to you.

Is that information worth it? 

Yes! They are worth it because sometimes the subconscious mind serves as a problem solver, which we as an individual can’t solve.

Your instinct should be understood by you before moving your next step towards the decision making process. 

Questions like this should be asked, “What if your reasons to make such decisions are not strong enough, what should you do?” “How can you avoid regretting your decisions?” 

These are continuous questions that will be asked and by then you won’t be able to answer and in most cases, you will but mostly your subconscious mind will do the job by answering such questions.

Learn to understand your instincts and the information they are passing out to you, it might be a breakthrough for your journey to make the best decision in life.

Write Down The Goals You Want To Achieve Along Side Your Decision

Writing down your goals and writing down your reasons why you want to make a decision are two different things.

Your goals are the things you want to achieve after making a decision, but your reason is why you want to make such a decision.

Why is making that decision important to you? Why do you want to leave your job for another? These are the reasons why.

But goals are the things you will want to achieve alongside your decision. 

For instance; “I want to quit my job to develop myself.” This is the goal I want to achieve after deciding to quit my job, but can I say, my reasons to quit my job and my goals are strong enough for me to make such a decision?

I can still not quit my job and still develop myself. 

So, after knowing why you want to make a decision, understand your instincts, write down your goals, what’s the next step?

Identify The Pros And Cons Of Your Decision

Are the cons of your decision bigger than the pros?

What will you do if the decision you want to make has a lot of pros? 

This question needs to be answered carefully to regret the words “I wished I never made such a decision”. Most individuals have made decisions they later regretted, do you also want to be among those individuals?

I think no. So how can you identify the pros and cons of your decision? What are the things that are likely to happen if you take such a decision? Is the decision going to ruin you or build you?

Answering questions like this will make you identify the pros and cons of your decision quickly. 

Researching also can help you to know the pros and cons of your decision. If the decision is worth going for or not.

For instance; A man wants to leave his job because he thinks he ought to be making something for himself and not for others, but along the lines of he is leaving his job for his own goal, it will take him years if not months to achieve that.

He realized that if he leaves his job, he will go bankrupt ( This is one of the cons he thinks about making his decision).

But if leave the job and grows his own business, he will be a millionaire entrepreneur over the years.

What should he do? Should he go bankrupt to achieve his goals?

Make Plans On Your Decision

There’s this popular saying that says “he who fails to plan, plans to fail”.

How true can this be? If you did not plan how you will achieve your goals, does that mean that you are planning not to achieve them at all?

Well! I’m the planning type and I don’t know of you. 

You know the pros and cons of the decisions you want to make and how they can change your life. But how are you planning to achieve those goals?

What are the things that need to be done?

You can’t achieve goals that are not well planned.

Find Alternative Decision

If one doesn’t work out, another will work out.

Always think out of the box, and don’t try putting all your eggs in one basket. 

Always think of an alternative decision.

Seek Advice From Others Mostly Those Who Will Tell You The Truth

Are you stuck making this decision all by yourself? Why don’t you seek advice from those who will tell you the truth?

Earlier, I said a man wanted to decide to leave his current job and focus on himself whilst he grows his own business that will become a multi-million business, but he will go bankrupt. And maybe he is also making an alternative decision.

But can this man take this decision by himself without the consultation of others that will tell him the truth? 

I don’t think so. No matter how much you try making the right choices, without experience, it mostly turns out bad.

Don’t just decide without asking for advice from others who will tell you the truth.

In Summary

If you want to make a better decision that will change your life;

  • Know why you are deciding to avoid regrets.
  • Understand your instincts on your decision and the messages it’s trying to pass on to you.
  • Write down the goals you want to achieve alongside the decision.
  • Identify the pros and cons of your decision.
  • Make plans for your decision.
  • Find Alternative decisions in case the other goes wrong.
  • And finally seek advice from others, who can only tell you the truth and not be biased.

I hope this post will be of great help to you when making decisions yourself and however if you are finding it hard to find someone you can seek advice from when making a decision you can do so by contacting us.

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